Are you healthy? The 6 conditions of Health

Conditions for integral health and wellness, plus an in-depth health quiz; Read on..





(I) Are you Healthy ?


Two extremes:

1. Some completely disregard their wellbeing and have no concern for their lifestyle and nutrition. Disease and problematic conditions often result, which at times, serve as a positive wake-up call.

2. Others go the other extreme – obsessed on everything they eat & do, they become increasingly restless & cease enjoying life:


Health is simple:

There is a myriad of wellness opinions and studies out there – most of them conflicting, leaving the people at a loss on what to believe.
The reality of such conflicting knowledge is that most studies are funded with a very focussed subject in mind. Thus they do not take the whole picture into account. Moreover, everyone has a unique mind-body constitution – some things may or may not work equally well for everyone.

The bottom line is to better know the basics & be intuitive on the rest, rather than be at the whim of funded experts & conflicting opinions.

When you hold the key – you know what to accept, & what to reject.

Health becomes living knowledge & an insight to the self.

Health is vital:

Our persistent choices in our lifestyle affects how we live – and how we die.

Nutrition affects at least 80% of gene makeup & expression

Nutrition affects 80% of genetic makeup & expression


Health Quiz:

This following health test was formulated by the respected Japanese doctor Sakurazawa Nyoiti.

Reaching an overall score of 40 in the following questions indicates relatively good health by modern standards.

One’s full ability is reached at a score of around 90+

1. Are you free from fatigue? (10 Points)

Fatigue is a signal that the body is fighting disease or functioning improperly.

In health, tiredness is non-existent – obstacles and problems are welcomed as a challenge.

(Boredom is another name for fatigue).

2. Do you sleep soundly? (10 Points)

In sound sleep, the person falls asleep minutes after slipping into bed – awaking refreshed after 6 hours of sleep, regardless of place or circumstance.

Violent, disturbing dreams / talking in one’s sleep are unfavorable signs.

One should be able to awaken at a preset time successfully by visualizing the hour to arise, immediately before going to sleep.

3. Is your appetite good? (10 Points)

A person should be able to enjoy the simplest of foods – everything (as long as wholesomely prepared) should taste good & leave one satisfied.

In health, people know how to regulate their appetite and never overindulge.

These people are never overweight and their weight fluctuates by a few pounds with the changing of the seasons.

A healthy sexual appetite is also a vital sign to good health, a person with weak sexual desires – or having difficulty receiving and giving satisfaction runs against the grain of nature.

4. Are you good humored? (20 Points)

To lose one’s patience hastily, being cruel or sarcastic, to lack enthusiasm is to be out of touch with your emotion.

The healthy person retains a sense of wonder in the workings of the world around him, a physical and mental balance enables the settling of any trying situation with grace.

Such a person is kind in his criticism of others and learns from both his friends as well as his enemies.

5. Is your memory good? (20 Points)

Memory is the foundation for the future and a stable construct for our daily lives.

A failing memory is a sign of declining health and emotional instability.

The more one remembers, the healthier one is.

Contrary to popular belief, memory should grow and not decline with age.

6. Are you precise in thought & action? (30 Points)

Your very survival depends on your ability to make sound judgments and enact them quickly.

In danger (or a trying situation) the response should be automatic and without a seconds hesitation.

Inability to respond to the environment instinctively is a sure indication that it is only a matter of time that the environment will no longer respond to you.

It is precision in thought, coupled with memory that enables man to order details of his existence and establish harmony with his surroundings.

(drafted from M.Minnick 74′)


“The aim of health is to better understand ourselves and the world around us, live a life in balance and harmony, achieve our fullest potential, and express our true inner nature on a daily basis”


The choice is yours.



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