Root Nutrition

 Knowing what you were meant to eat is the main secret to sound health; Read on..



(II) Root Nutrition





I . Evolutionary link

Humanity didn’t just spring up as a new species in the industrial revolution, we still carry the genes & bodily adaptations of our ancestors.

Noting that we owe our survival to them, it would be wise to carry on in harmony with the foundations of our body type and way of life as we have evolved throughout the ages. Some believe we are an isolated phenomenon from nature and go even as far to deny mother’s milk to her child because of uncleanliness!

New foods, additions and “groundbreaking research” have appeared and will continue to reappear – however always stick to the simplicity of a natural lifestyle, and nutritional habits that have kept us alive and thriving through millenia.

II . Food choices

The farther from the natural source & the more processing involved in food production – the worse off it is; use your intuition & always prefer foods which are locally sourced & pure.

III . Efficiency

Enzymes are a vital component in nutrition, it is important to continuously eat raw, fresh foods – and thus, full of enzymes.

This prolonged practice will ensure that the systems in the body work in full efficiency and waste no undue energy, this is the secret to achieve good energy levels and a well functioning digestive system.
Be informed on what you eat, eg: most store-bought smoothies and juices have been heat treated (killing all enzymes) to lengthen their shelf life.
Chewing well increases the nutrition derived from food.

Root Nutrition

Before health experts and the food pyramid existed, the one sure clue on what we are meant to eat – our “Root Nutrition” lies in our very bodies:


The human teeth formation, digestive & sense organs perfectly correspond to the nature of a “Frugivore” or fruit eating species

This does not mean that other foods aren’t compatible to us, just that fruit is the primary source of nutrition for frugivores – along with vegetables, nuts & fish, the ideal diet for man is composed.

Meat was left out as it is nowhere close than to what our ancestors used to eat. A quick research on the meat industry (especially pig, cattle & chicken rearing) should prove this beyond a shadow of doubt.

"Pink Paste" Industrial meat production

“Pink Paste” Industrial meat production

Moreover, fish are much safer & contain more health benefits, free range eggs are also highly beneficial. Meat should only serve to supplement your diet.


Fruit is best eaten throughout the day on an empty stomach (as it tends to ferment when eaten with other foods), there exists no breakfast, lunch or dinner – as hunger approaches simply eat until satisfied.


Fruit benefitssj

As the different colors of the fruit embody a particular medicinal property – every new research upon them yields increasing positive results, together with the other beneficial supplementary foods, the variety and styles become limitless.
Such is the richness of the world’s garden…


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