A unique adventure: Travel to exotic destinations; India and Nepal schedule






A Complete Overview:


(Scheduled on demand)


We start by saying our goodbyes to friends and family

Malta International Airport (or other EU Airport)

Malta International Airport (or other EU Airport)


Tribhuvan International Airport – Kathmandu, Nepal


A good night’s rest to soothe the nerves after travelling

Tibet Hotel (sta)

For the first couple of days you will be experiencing the unique sights of Kathmandu:

Dhurbar Square (UNESCO)

the Temple of Swayambunath (UNESCO)

Boudanath Stupa (UNESCO)

We then proceed to reach our adventure destination, the Himalayas – roof of the world!

Trekking in the Annapurna Region
(10-14 days) :

Trek Route

Annapurna Range

Highlights :


  • Witness the 6000-8000m+ mountains of “Hiun Chuli”, “Annapurna South”, “Fang”, “Annapurna l”, “Gangapurna”, “Annapurna III” and “Machhapuchhre” (this area is renowned for most unique 360° mountain views at base camp)
  • Sparse Gurung settlements – have a taste of this unique culture and tradition
  • Natural hotspring at “Jhinu”
  • World Famous “Poon Hill”
  • World’s largest gorge: “Kali Gandaki”
  • Breath taking scenery varies from foothills, cross terraced fields, abundant forests leading up to the mountains
  • The freshest air and water on earth

Peace of mind :


Guesthouse accommodation all-throughout

Organic local grown foods

Taking it day by day

Varied Scenery :


Poon Hill  (3193m)

Forest route (Bamboo 2335m)

Natural hotspring at Jhinu

Annapurna Sanctuary – reached!

This memorable trek will come to a close in Pokhara.

Accommodation is arranged opposite “Phewa Lake” to enjoy the remaining days of Nepal in peaceful bliss:

Paragliding at Sarangkot, Pokhara

World Peace Pagoda

goodbye from Nepal!



Indira Gandhi Airport – New Delhi

Health & Wellbeing at Kalariyil Ashram
(10-14 days) :

Balachandran Lair

What is an Ashram?

Ashram is a sanctuary of peace.

An Ashram is a place to find the God within, it is a place to practice spirituality, people of all religions are welcome.

How unique is this Ashram?

Simply – “the emphasis on tradition”

What will be experienced here cannot be learned from books, or seen in photos and video – the medicine used in the treatments is handmade according to recipes which are thousands of years old

Medicines are made from pure, natural ingredients

Many of the remedies are unique to our treatment system. They are made by hand, using a wood fire. There is no commercial mass production, so full emphasis can be placed on the quality of the medicine

No deviation from the traditional methods are permitted

What is offered?

Authentic Cuisine:

Traditional Keralite food served on banana leaf

Traditional Indian medicine places utmost importance on the food we eat

Good food will lead to a healthy body, which in turn will lead to a healthy mind

At Kalariyil Ashram, this is practiced by growing our own food in a sustainable organic way

We grow our own rice, vegetables, fruits, coconuts, and even have our own organic dairy-farm.

Fresh vegetarian meals are prepared in the traditional style of Kerala.

Modern Facilities:

Spacious en-suite rooms allow guests to relax between treatments

Numerous areas of beauty available to which one can retreat to enhance the experience of both the Ashram and treatment

The exceptional peace and beauty of the Ashram surroundings are very conducive to both healing and relaxation

What treatment will be undertaken?

Treatment for Revival: a 7-10 Day Course – “Tapa Abhyavakaranam”

  • Treatment is tailor made for each patient and will be performed by highly experienced practitioners.
  • Abhyanga

    Abhyanga is a full body oil massage designed to stimulate the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems. Inflammatory blocks are located and corrected thus restoring the natural equilibrium of the body. Abhyanga also has a healing, cleansing and revitalizing effect on the body which improves flexibility and realigns both the joints and the spine.

  • Anga Dhara

    Anga Dhara; Litres of warm oil are poured over the body while a gentle massage is performed. The body becomes fully relaxed and all tension and stiffness is eased. The effect of the warm oil is the opening of the pores of the skin and the relaxation of the muscular tissues. This facilitates the body’s releasing of accumulated toxins which are simultaneously removed by the flow of oil.

  • Shiro Dhara

    Shiro Dhara, also known as a head bath, is a gentle and powerful treatment. Warm oil is poured from a hanging pot onto the forehead and scalp which are massaged gently. Many toxins are released from the scalp and are carried away by the flow of the oil. This treatment is so relaxing it often sends people into a deep sleep. They awake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Kizhi is a bundle of medicinal herbs which is heated in oil and applied to the body. The hot oil activates the medicine within the Kizhi, and the heat stimulates and relaxes the body. Kizhi’s are used to remove inflammatory blocks, and improve circulation and flexibility in joints and muscles.

What better way is there to conclude the rich experience of travel in a peaceful and unique Ashram in southern India?

Whoever wishes to remain in India – is allowed to travel free at hearts content – we wish you a safe journey…

For the rest of us; brimming with stories to tell; rejuvenated with new experiences – we’ll have the last drink together and head back home!


Details and further info :

Why choose Exclusive Adventure Asia?

  • A smooth time throughout – Enjoy a compact group of like minded people (10 applicants maximum)
  • No stress travel! Benefit from an experienced European guide (24hrs) – therefore you will constantly be guided directly to Asia’s most special places while avoiding all the headaches and searching new people often have to deal with in these areas. All questions answered – full info supplied, on just about anything
  • Armed with information; have the best of both worlds; experience the Traveller’s Lifestyle with the comfort of a Tourist! 
  • Guides and Accommodation will be pre-selected and verified (Guides are usually constantly seeing how to take advantage and cut corners). Our pre-selected guides are actually very honest and genuine friends.
  • Reasonable flexibility in all arrangements, there is no fun in a tight & rigid schedule – every move would be co-ordinated and agreed to as a team – liberty is given to the individual – you are not just another number
  • Charitable travel: A fair share of the proceeds would be utilised to plant around 1000 trees in village areas around Northern Nepal
  • The freedom for people to continue travelling on their own – the package covers approx 28 days – some might have more time on their hands to keep travelling solo – this may be fully facilitated:

above the clouds

Cost and terms of package/s :

  • 3300 € pp incl taxes for full 28 day package (Nepal & India)


  • 1800 € pp incl taxes for 12 day package (Nepal OR India)
  • 10 persons maximum


All ground transfers upon landing (excluding international air transfers; although a good package can be arranged),

All visa expenses,

All accommodation expenses – (accommodation is pre-checked & of good standard),

Equipment purchase/rental, (what is purchased may be kept by the individual),

Permits and entries to every activity (Ashram costs at full-board included, entry/visitors cards & permits, TIMS registration et cetera),

European Guide present throughout,

Local guides and relevant local insurances,

(Practically the fee covers all expenses half-board, save the International Transfers)

Email for booking / queries :

For further information email: